Our Services

We handle all aspects of producing and publishing information: From locating source information to content creation, from formatting to serving a target readership.  
We produce documents in all forms, printed or digital (PDF, HTML or native formats) illustrated with all kinds of image (drawings, pictures, block diagrams, flow charts, etc.).

Documents Produced:
We design and update all types of technical and/or marketing documents: White Papers, Newsletters, Success Stories, Technical Manuals, Brochures, Press Releases, Datasheets, Animated Presentations, Training Packages, Catalogs, Data Books, Fact Sheets, etc.

They can be produced either directly in French or in English, or translated, adapted and/or summarized from one language to the other.

Related Tasks:
  • Interviewing customers, users and specialists.

  • Managing information collection and approval cycles.

  • Writing, drawing, photography, image design.

  • Translating/adapting (English-to-French or French-to-English, with certification by native speakers).

  • Publishing: Web site content feeding/management;

  • Printing services.


  • Starting with the study of existing literature/web sites, exchange occurs as required with the Enterprise's marketing/technical experts, predominantly via email.

  • On-site meetings are arranged when necessary, either occasionally or at regular intervals.  Working at the customer's premises can facilitate the exchange of views and access to the applications/products to be worked on.

  • When a document must be published at regular intervals, as with monthly newsletters or quarterly catalogs, a publication cycle is implemented to make optimal use of the Enterprise technical and marketing staff's time.

Other services:
Consulting on documentation processes, their implementation and the training and selection of documentation staff.



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