Our Mission

Quite frequently, Information Technology companies have a gap between their marketing and technical expertise that makes optimal communication difficult:
Communication Managers often lack the technical background required to judiciously highlight the practical or customer-specific aspects of their products and solutions.
Technical specialists are rarely interested in writing.
Moreover, time has become an asset less and less affordable to all of them.

How then, to provide targeted readers with suitable information synchronized with company news and product releases? How to implement an editorial mechanism that respects deadlines?

Capitalizing on our solid technical background and experience in marketing communication, ADB Réalisations offers dedicated writing and communication services that leverage the best of both.   Intervening in all fields of IT, we meet with an Enterprise's experts, study available documents, find information, draft, conceive ideas, translate, edit, and publish at regular intervals or to meet an assigned objective.

Working in both English and French, we produce all types of documents in coordination with Communication Managers and Technical Specialists.

We enable all potential readers - specialists or neophytes, users or sales prospects - to clearly understand the advantages of a given technology solution/service. Information tailored to their needs and appropriately timed, increases the credibility of any software editor, computer manufacturer, and their offerings.


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