• Dozens of monthly or quarterly technical letters from 8 to 12 pages, in various formats: HTML, PDF and others

  • Numerous success stories, used in several ways

  • Numerous white papers, brochures and datasheets

  • Complete sets of documentation up to 12 manuals x 2 (French / English) aimed at users, administrators, and programmers - with management of revisions

  • A 400-page databook describing in detail a chip containing more than 10 million transistors, plus associated programming guides

  • Animated slide shows, drawings and images, synoptic, flow charts, catalogs

  • Training course packages of all types

  • Contracts for computer services - support, sale, training, maintenance

  • Numerous translations / adaptations of English-French documents and press releases

  • Regular Web site publishing of information published in other media (newsletters, emailings, etc.)

  • Implementation of processes to manage the creation and maintenance of engineering publications, with user training on defined rules and tools.



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